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Announcing East Coast Siding’s New Website

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While East Coast Siding has been in business for 30-years we have thrived by “word of mouth” referrals. With a strong reputation in the industry garnered by attention to quality and the personal touch in customer service we have a long list of satisfied clients around the Worcester and Metrowest Boston region.

My name is Mike Cannistraro and as you can read elsewhere I learned the siding business from my father – who was a very demanding employer.

Over 30-years later my business has grown to include other exterior services such as vinyl window replacement and roofing installation services.

I’ve had a website for a while but realized it didn’t showcase my business and work to the degree potential customers demand these days. I need to be where my customers are and there’s no doubt they have all flowed to the Internet.

There has been a lot of work gone into developing and constructing this website and I hope you find your visit enjoyable. I would love to get your feedback on it. What you liked, what you didn’t.

Down below you’ll find a comment box – so go ahead and tell us whatever you want. Ideas and suggestions appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you at my site in the future as we add articles to the blog to help you in your next home improvement project regardless whether it involves East Coast Siding or a DIY job.

Good Luck,

Mike Cannistraro
East Coast Siding

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