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Are the windows in your home looking aged and in need of replacement? Are they costing you buckets of money because of unseen heating or cooling loss? Can you see some rotting around the trim and worried about what you will find once the window is removed? Do you see a build-up of condensation in the morning?

These are all tail-tale signs it’s time to replace your windows.

Unlike vinyl siding or a new roof, windows have an impact from the inside as well as outside. As a homeowner you stare at, and out, of your windows every day. You are constantly reminded of the need for replacement. Even if they look okay at the moment chances are you can save plenty of dollars by replacing them with vinyl windows.

When it comes to replacing windows you have a number of choices such as aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and of course vinyl. I have been in the home improvement business for 30-years and I’ve had a chance to see many types of products come and go but I have no hesitation in recommending vinyl windows to my valued customers.

If you want a sharp looking finish and the best protection and investment you can purchase in a window today then go with vinyl.

Here are my four main reasons why the time is now to install new windows in your home:

1. Insulation:

Consider that cold draft a thing of the past! Vinyl windows do a superb job of insulation. This material has a high R-rating, which is the measurement of insulation in a number of materials. This important feature is so hard working that it is not only limited to the winter. Insulation is important in the summer too for keeping the heat out!

2. Reduced costs:

Not only do vinyl windows present immediate savings upon purchase, but they tend to continue to help reduce costs. This happens because your home takes less energy to make the room a comfortable room temperature. This applies to both the heater in the winter and the air conditioning unit in the summer.

3. Condensation and rot:

A frosty window in the morning may be a common sign to many home dwellers. However, that moisture is a serious threat. That gathering of water condenses and then drips down. A traditional wood frame would then soak in that moisture and rot from the inside.

This trapped moisture can also attract unwelcome bugs. Not only does water not soak into vinyl, condensation often does not even happen because of the seal the material provides.

4. Low maintenance:

Wood frames may require painting every few years as the paint begins to chip. Furthermore, scrubbing a wood frame can easily damage the surface. Vinyl on the other hand requires no paint as the color is mixed into the material. Furthermore, due to the lack of porous nature of the product, it is harder to damage upon scrubbing. This means that if something is spilled on the window, cleanup is very easy. A periodic power wash brings each window back to new looking.

Here’s What to Do Next:

At East Coast Siding we recommend you replace your windows in packages. One at a time is not economical and you’ll be disappointed with the results in look and savings.

We can work with you to put together the right vinyl window replacement package for your home and all it takes to start is to pick up the phone and call us at 508.529.4500, or complete the web form on the right so we can discuss this home improvement with you and provide you a free no-obligation quote for you project.

Mike Cannistraro
East Coast Siding