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Low maintenance and best protection

If you’re weary of painting that wood siding on your home every few years and just see it as a high maintenance and costly headache to keep up appearances, then I’m not surprised you’re looking to replace it with vinyl siding.

Many customers who had their homes built tell me they regretted not having vinyl siding put on during construction. Frankly a lot of my siding business these days is new construction work as more and more people realize it’s the smart thing to do to protect the exterior of the home, and make it look great as well.

Vinyl Siding was introduced in the late 1950s as a substitute for aluminum siding. However, advancements in its manufacture and installation techniques mean today it is the preferred choice when looking for the best home exterior look and performance.

Today there is a myriad of styles and choices to not only give your home the protection and low maintenance you want but also showcase your home.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll get with vinyl siding that you may not have considered:

1. Reduced Maintenance:

Vinyl can stand up to harsh climate changes, such as those in New England. It is resilient and can live through decades of wear and tear. It does not fade, rot, crack, or warp. Maintaining vinyl siding is as easy as a periodic power wash. As opposed to traditional wood, which needs the hassle of a multiple week project and costly repainting every few years, and can crack and warp in severe weather.

2. Doesn’t rot or get eaten by insects:

Vinyl siding isn’t easily destroyed by insects or other natural causes. Traditional siding options are susceptible to infestation by insects, as well as nesting by birds and other animals in the home’s environment. Vinyl siding is impervious to termites, as well as all wood-boring pests and insects. Wood also tends to rot, which vinyl siding resists with a quick wash.

3. Comes in an array of colors and styles:

With vinyl siding, homeowners are not trapped into just a few options for colors and styles. There are many different colors available to choose from. In addition to various colors, there is also a wide selection of trims, accent options, and styles to match and compliment any home’s exterior.

4. Costs less to install than wood:

Vinyl siding is more affordable than wood, brick, stucco, and aluminum siding. Compare it to cedar wood siding, vinyl siding costs about 11 percent less. You can expect to pay about $160-250 per 100 square feet. Adding to its value, it has 10 times the life expectancy of wood siding.

In addition to these benefits, vinyl siding is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and helps absorb outside noise.

Here’s What to Do Next:

Now you can see the benefits of vinyl siding and why it makes sense to invest in the best protection for the exterior walls of your home go ahead and contact us at East Coast Siding. We are the experts in the region and have been for 30-years.

We started in siding and while we take care of all your home exterior needs siding is where we have made our reputation for quality and results, and we make it easy for you to become a customer.

Pick up the phone and call me – Mike Cannistraro – at 508.529.4500 or complete the web form on the right so we can discuss this home improvement with you and provide you a free no-obligation quote for you project.

You’re going to love being a customer of East Coast Siding.

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