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Home DIY imageThis page has been especially created for you. It contains links to my favorite resources at this site and other home improvement sites including products I use in my business.

None of these links are affiliate links – which means I don’t receive any compensation if you click any of the links and purchase a product or service… unless it takes you to one of my services and then if you hire me I do.

If you just want to learn tips and tricks from other professionals for your projects then spend time here today and visit back often.

This page will be updated frequently.

Finally, these links worked when I created this resource. While I check them frequently, just like Home Depot, just when you think you know where everything is located they change the layout, and so do webmasters and the links don’t work anymore. If this happens and you get a bad link please let me know using the Contact Us page here >>>



How to Hire and Manage a General Contractor >>>

Contractor Resource Site >>>>



CertainTeed is my go to place for all my siding materials. High quality products. Check them out here >>>

Harvey Products is top of the line place for windows and doors. Their Vinyl Window collection is second to none and their doors are high quality as well. Check them out here >>>



Of course if you’re considering siding then I recommend you give me a call and let me quote. However, if you’re a real DIY sort, then check out the DIY Network Buyers Guide for Exterior Siding here >>>



Of course I’m not talking about the Microsoft Operating System that keeps crashing – here I’m talking about the frame and glass that can transform a house into a home, can change a drab and mediocre room into the talk of the neighborhood. My favorite windows for residential homes are Vinyl Windows, but this article from This Old House takes you through how to install any window. Check it out here >>>



I don’t want to be a scaremonger but do you really want to do roofing yourself? You have to have nerve of steels to do roofing. There are too many tales of broken dreams and unfortunately backs, so be aware of the dangers and consequences. If you’re still determined to DIY Roofing then read this article here >>>
This section will undergo constant updates and new resources so please bookmark it and return often. In addition feel free to let us know what other resources you’d like to see here. Send us a quick note using the Contact Us Page.

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