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How to Hire and Manage a General Contractor

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It might seem odd to you that a contractor is giving you advice on how to hire and manage a contractor. After all, for those outside the business then general contractors seem to be put in the same unflattering slot as “ambulance-chasing lawyers,” “slum landlords,” and “used car salespeople.” You get the picture. The truth is most contractors in the building and home industries have been “taken to the cleaners” a number of times by their clients. Work done and not paid, scope of work creep, dishonesty, unjustified and malicious bad reviews – the list goes on and on. Sure, like any industry there are a few “bad eggs” out there. Being a general contractor is a risky business. Here’s more…

Announcing East Coast Siding’s New Website

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While East Coast Siding has been in business for 30-years we have thrived by “word of mouth” referrals. With a strong reputation in the industry garnered by attention to quality and the personal touch in customer service we have a long list of satisfied clients around the Worcester and Metrowest Boston region. My name is Mike Cannistraro and as you can read elsewhere I learned the siding business from my father – who was a very demanding employer. Here’s my latest news…